Frequently Asked Questions

A: Trinity Christian’s desire is to assist Christian families in the academic, spiritual, physical, and social training of their children; therefore, we strongly feel that the parents should be active, professing Christians of a local church and understand the mission and philosophy of the school. Basically, TCS admits families, not just students. Trinity Christian considers the spiritual condition of the parents before admission is granted; a family interview is part of the admissions process. As a discipleship school, students and families are expected to live by a higher standard. Students and parents are expected to be a good example and testimony 24/7/365 both on and off campus. The discipline policy applies to students not only on campus, field trips and at all school related functions, but also outside of the school limits. Students who have had prior discipline problems at TCS or another school, who are married, or who are parents are not eligible for enrollment or attendance at TCS.

Preschool k2 and k3 student/teacher ratios are on average nine to one, k4 – 6th grades are on average fifteen to one, and 7th – 12th grade core classes are on average sixteen to one. However, class size has little bearing on student achievement at TCS due to the high standards of the families we serve.

Everyone has a worldview that is the assimilation of all the pieces of information, ideas, and experiences a person absorbs to form the big picture that contains their values, morals, and beliefs. Biblical worldview integration is all of these pieces of life brought within the understanding of God’s larger frame of reference. Christian education helps students make the connection between the facts of academics and the broader context of God’s point of view. This connection gives true meaning and significance to those facts of academics. Biblical worldview integration does not happen just because a teacher is a Christian or because the teacher uses academics to illustrate a spiritual truth. Biblical worldview integration is an intentional process. To be equipped for the task of biblical worldview integration, a teacher should have 1) a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, 2) a fundamental knowledge of the biblical worldview and the presuppositions pertaining to it, and 3) an understanding of the particular subject matter to be put into the context of the biblical worldview. This aspect of biblical worldview integration is the essence of the TCS mission. (Overman & Johnson, 2003, Making the Connections)

Please click here for the detailed tuition schedule.

Trinity Christian offers both indexed tuition for qualifying families, and multi-child discounts. For indexed tuition, Trinity Christian uses an independent financial consultant, TADS, in order to provide the applicant with confidentiality and third party objectivity. TADS does charge a minimal processing fee to the applicant that is made payable to TADS and submitted with the financial application directly to TADS. Trinity Christian does not receive your personal financial information. A forty percent reduction in tuition is the maximum for which a family may qualify. Click here for more information on indexed tuition.  Please see the tuition schedule for multi-child discounts.

Trinity Christian has a standardized dress policy instead of a required uniform for grades K4-12th. The policy can be found in the family handbook.

 The resources at Trinity Christian are primarily Christian in orientation and are taught  in harmony with Christian values and beliefs. We rely heavily on the Bob Jones University Press and A Beka Book curriculums, as well as selected materials that have been approved by the administration.

As a private educational institution, TCS has control over all curriculum decisions.  We are not funded or mandated by the state.  TCS holds true to our core values in our decisions regarding curriculum adoptions, the first and foremost being a consistency with biblical truth.  Because of these core values, we teach our own set of standards. The following is a listing of the primary standards TCS draws from to ensure our students are receiving a spiritually and academically strong educational experience….

 A Beka Book

Bob Jones University Press

Common Core State Standards

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Next Generation Science Standards

Summit Ministries

TCS has not adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  In order to stay informed and comprehensive in our teaching, we do refer to the CCSS primarily for the pacing and ordering of objectives. TCS also utilizes some resources that are aligned to the scope and sequence of the CCSS.  We do this to ensure our students will remain competitive with their peers.  However, every resource that goes into a TCS classroom is very closely evaluated in terms of its biblical alignment and academic value.

No. Our graduating classes consistently receive large amounts  in scholarship offerings. Please view our school profile.

Trinity Christian is proud to say that TCS students consistently score above the national average on standardized tests. However, our focus is assisting Christian parents in developing a biblical worldview in their children through academics.

Trinity Christian School strives to hire certified teachers at every level; however, occasionally employs a degreed only teacher. We have found this to be a common practice in all schools across the nation.

Discipline issues are handled between the school administration and the parents of any student involved. Serious rule violations are cause for immediate dismissal from the school. Please refer to the family handbook for more details.

Trinity Christian desires that each student be as well rounded and fully educated as possible. At the elementary level, we offer music, library, physical education, Spanish, and computer training. At the high school level, we offer band, computer training, and yearbook. Trinity Christian is a member of the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA), which allows TCS to compete interscholastically in athletic and other activities with the public school systems. TCS offers a variety of sports such as girls’ golf, basketball, cross-country, cheerleading, track, and softball. We offer boys’ golf, basketball, cross-country, baseball, and track. All enrichment and athletic opportunities are based upon student interest and available funds at the discretion of Trinity Christian School. All enrichment and athletic opportunities are evaluated each year with a desire to make improvements.

Trinity Christian School also offers participation to eligible students in school organizations such as Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Student Council, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, and National Junior Honor Society.

Student activities include an elected homecoming court, homecoming festivities, musicals, spring sports banquet, Jr/Sr banquet, Who’s Who student achievement awards ceremony, K5 graduation, and senior graduation ceremonies.