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Referral Program

Referral Program Trinity Christian’s administration, teachers, students, and board members value your participation in making our school better each year. We are aware of and appreciate the time and effort you spend talking to others about our school. We would like to recognize your efforts in a way that may be meaningful to you, so we have developed the TCS referral program. The continuing success of a school relies on enrollment, and most of our enrollment comes from current families who have encouraged a friend, colleague, or relative to come and take a tour of the school. As you know, once they are here, many of these people love our school and subsequently enroll their children. You play an important role in that process. When a family that you have recommended to the school enrolls their child who is then accepted and begins attending TCS, we offer you a choice of the following referral awards:

A. $250 donation in your name to one of the following areas: a. the library b. science program c. PE program d. art program e. math program f. preschool program g. educational technology h. tuition assistance i. discovery program

B. $250 tuition discount

C. $250 donation to a charity of your choice In order to be eligible for the referral award, you must contact the Admissions Office (Carmen Satterfield) and submit the name of the family ​before​the family contacts the school.

Please contact Carmen Satterfield for more referral information or to recommend a family whose child you think would benefit from attending Trinity Christian School.

 Family Handbooks

 K5-12th Grade



Grievance Policy

The TCS grievance policy is written in the spirit of Romans 12:18 which reads, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”  The TCS community must work together to effectively train the children God has entrusted to us. We can do this best by maintaining peaceful and respectful communications and relationships. Please follow the steps given below in expressing your concerns. We ask that you exercise humility and confidentiality throughout the process, as will all staff members.


If you, as a parent or guardian, have a concern regarding your child’s school day, please take that concern directly to your child’s teacher. The teacher will strive to resolve your issue and follow up with you the next week to confirm resolution. If you are still experiencing concerns, the teacher will arrange a meeting with you, the teacher, and Prinicipal.


If your child is in preschool, please take your concern to your child’s teacher. If resolution is not reached, the teacher will arrange a meeting with you, the teacher, and the Preschool Director (Mrs.Hollensworth). If resolution is still not reached, the Preschool Director will arrange a meeting for you with her and thePrincipal.


If you have a concern regarding your child’s athletics, please take that concern directly to your child’s coach. The coach will strive to resolve your issue and then follow up with you the next week to confirm resolution. If you are still experiencing concerns, the coach will arrange for you to meet with the coach and the athletic director (Coach Bishop). If, after meeting with the athletic director, you still have concerns, the athletic director will arrange a meeting for you with him and the Prinicpal.


If you have a concern regarding the general operation of the school, please take your concern to thePrinicpal.  If your concern remains, a meeting will be arranged with the President and Head of School.

Health Policy


  • A Medication Administration Release Form (MARF) must be signed before any prescription or scheduled medication will be given at school. A separate consent form is required for each prescription or scheduled medication to be administered at school. Click here for form.

    • Over-the-counter medication, not scheduled by a physician, provided by TCS (including, but not limited to: Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl, Tums, or the generic equivalent) may be administered by TCS with a parent or guardian’s written consent located on the TCS School Health Information Form. Click here for form.

    • All medication (over-the-counter and prescription) must be kept in the nurse’s office. All medication should be brought to the nurse’s office between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM. All scheduled or prescription medication must be in the original container and labeled with the child’s name. NO OUTDATED MEDICATIONS OR CONTAINERS WILL BE PERMITTED. Any student possessing medication (over-the-counter or prescription) is subject to disciplinary actions.

    • The first dose of any new prescription medication must be given at home.

    • No prescription or scheduled medication to be given three (3) times a day or less will be administered at school unless specified by a physician.

    • Permission of long-term medication must be renewed at the beginning of each year.

  • If necessary, the nurse is authorized to delegate administration of medication to another staff member.


Parents will be notified and children will be sent home when any one or combination of the following symptoms is noted:

    • Oral temperature reads 100 or greater

    • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

    • Rash

    • Conjunctivitis (“pink eye”)

    • Suspected communicable illness***

    • Injury or illness requiring a physician’s evaluation

    • Head lice or nits

  • Ringworm

*** Click here for List of Exclusion and Readmission Criteria for Specific Communicable Diseases

If a child is sent home or stays home from school with any of the illnesses listed above, the child may not return to school until all applicable guidelines are met:


    • Without nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea for 24 hours

  • Evaluated or treated by a medical professional, and are able to present an excuse.

Medical Emergency

    • In the event of a major medical emergency, parents or authorized persons will be contacted immediately. In the event a parent or authorized person cannot be contacted, school officials are to take whatever action is deemed necessary, in their judgment, for the health of a child. The school shall not be financially responsible for the emergency care and/or transportation of a child.

  • In the case of a minor medical event (including, but not limited to, the following: minor cuts, scratches, scrapes, minor falls, bruises, insect bites, etc..), first aid will be provided as deemed necessary for the wellbeing of a child. A parent or guardian will be notified by phone call or note, at the discretion of the staff.

Medical Information

    • Immunizations

        • Each child must have a current record of all immunizations, or current exemption, on file with TCS.

      • Parents will be notified when immunizations are due. Proof of immunization must be returned to the school nurse within one month of notification. Failure to comply may result in dismissal from school.

  • Physician and Emergency Contact Information

    • Each child must have a current Primary Care Physician (PCP), PCP phone number, PCP address, name and number of individual to contact in the case of an emergency, and authorization to treat on file with TCS. Parents must immediately notify the school of any changes that have been made.