Many Christian parents desire to have their children educated and nurtured by Christian education.  However, the additional cost of tuition to the basic family budget can oftentimes be difficult.

Trinity Christian School indexes tuition to qualified parents to match financial capacity with the cost of tuition. This allows TCS to make Christian Education affordable to many more families.  Trinity Christian uses an independent financial consultant, TADS, in order to provide the applicant with confidentiality and third party objectivity.  Indexed tuition applications may be obtained through TADS during the regular registration period.  (Click on the button at the bottom of this page to get started.)  Indexed tuition is supported through yearly fundraising in conjunction with the recommendation of TADS, and at the discretion of Trinity Christian Schools.  The TADS application must be completed in its entirety along with the processing fee as required by TADS.  Trinity Christian does not receive your personal financial information. A forty percent reduction of tuition (up to $1700/school year) is the maximum for which a family may qualify. The family applying for indexed tuition must have registered their child before having their tuition indexed accordingly.  A pastoral recommendation form relating to church attendance is also required.

Program Guidelines

  1. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ask for indexed tuition information from Trinity Christian Schools.
  2. The application must be completed in its entirety through TADS (TCS third party administrator) along with the processing fee as required by TADS.
  3. Indexed tuition will be awarded by Trinity Christian Schools based on recommendations from its independent consultant, TADS, and student history.  Trinity Christian Schools does not receive your completed application.  TCS only receives the recommendations made by the independent consultant.
  4. The parent/guardian will be notified by Trinity Christian Schools regarding the level of indexed tuition to be paid by the family.
  5. Each year a parent/guardian would need to re-apply for the next school year to assess how their tuition will be indexed for that year. One application per family.
  6. Applications will not be considered for those who have a delinquent balance with TCS.
  7. Trinity Christian Schools reserve the privilege to arbitrarily discontinue the family’s indexed tuition in event of parent/student incompatibility.
  8. Eligible students must meet and maintain a minimum academic standard of 2.5 GPA and the family must participate in the fundraising programs.
  9. Deadline for making application for returning families is April 10
  10. Indexed Tuition is not available to K2-K4 unless the parent also has a child enrolled in K4 or above.

 New to TADS?  Click the TADS button to create an account to fill out an application.