TCS is a collegiate school with a rigorous academic program that begins in the elementary grades. Each of our academic disciplines are designed to give students the skills and knowledge they need to not only be successful in their colleges and careers, but to be able to articulate truth in an intelligent and winsome way in the culture. Our Language Arts program emphasizes reading, writing, and grammar; Math is standards-based and vertically aligned through the grades; and Science and Social Studies are taught with Christian curriculum that emphasizes a biblical worldview. Our Bible classes from preschool through 12th grade give students an understanding of what's in the Bible and how to apply to. Our goal at TCS is not only to help students think biblically and critically about every academic subject, but to understand God's nature and character and how His Truth should relate to every area of their thinking and choices.
We believe the arts are important. As image bearers of God, creating beauty is one of the ways we are created in His likeness. TCS offers music and art in the younger grades, and all students take band in 6th grade with TCS providing the instruments for all students. Each year there are opportunities to perform musically and exhibitions of students' artwork can often be seen around campus.
TCS understands the importance of getting students out of a classroom and into the gym or ball field. Students have opportunities each week to work on physical skills, play team games, and just have fun with our PE coaches.
Bigs and Littles is a well-loved program designed to build relationships and connections among our high school and elementary students.  Each 7-12th grade student is paired with an elementary student, and they meet on a monthly basis to eat lunch, play games, read together, and just spend time getting to know each other. These connections foster sweet relationships and informal mentoring opportunities.
Chapel is an important part of our program , and our elementary students enjoy their own time of worship each week. Worship music and lessons from our teachers and guest speakers reinforce the spiritual truths that our students are discovering each day in the classroom.

Our TCS Summer Camp is available from early June through early August and is filled with fun, interactive  “themed” weeks of age appropriate activities and projects throughout the summer! A few of our fun-filled weeks include: “Sticky Science” week, “Play Ball! Sports Week”, “Serving Others” week, and “Crafty Creations” week, just to name a few!

Summer Camp is available for Toddlers through 6th grade.