English and Language Arts

While integrating Biblical truth throughout our elementary English Language Arts program, our goal is to help students articulate their ideas clearly and effectively through written and oral communication.  We desire to help them foster an appreciation of language as a gift from God.  In order to affect their world, students need to develop the correct use of English grammar, improve listening and speaking skills, and develop an appreciation for reading.  Students are introduced to different styles of composition in the elementary grades including research reports, essays, and poetry. Our reading program places importance on the development of higher-level thinking skills as well as a love and appreciation for reading.


At Trinity Christian School, our goal in elementary math is to accommodate the range of learning styles found in each classroom through interactive learning.  Activities are designed for individual exploration with manipulatives, through group interaction, and through whole-class instruction. Using a variety of instructional methods allows abstract concepts to grow into concrete understanding for elementary students. Teaching to the diversity of learning styles and providing exciting interactive activities in the classroom allows for a sharp increase of understanding and performance in the discipline of mathematics.


 Imparting a Biblical worldview to our students is the primary goal of TCS. In order to graduate students who have a deep understanding of the tenets of the Christian faith and worldview, we realize we must lay that groundwork in the elementary years. Our goal is for our elementary students to not only know biblical content, but to be able to interpret that knowledge in a way that impacts their thinking and understanding of what it means to live a life honoring to God. Through grades one through six, students are presented with biblical truths related to God and His nature, the four relationships of creation (our relationship with God, others, the created world and ourselves), and a basic understanding of worldviews.  As each year progresses, a “Worldview House” is constructed in the classroom to give students a visual understanding of the importance of laying a foundation of wisdom as they form the pillars of their biblical worldview. Our approach also includes the memorization of key Scriptures and concepts, often set to music to make it easy for students to remember.


Through the STEM program at TCS we desire to see our students grow in their personal faith in Jesus in today’s age of science. What exactly does that mean? It means that despite living in a culture that is dominated by the glorification of science, human innovation, and technology, our students will grow in their appreciation of God’s majesty, sovereignty, and love, through our studies of His creation. Furthermore, and just as important, we will be learning to trust in the truth and integrity of the Scriptures.

At the Elementary level, our students will be learning about our Creator God and His provision for us through the world which He made (Genesis 1:1), and how His creation is a mirror of His majesty and wonder (Psalm 19:1). Our students will be engaged to learn about the world in which we live by inquiry-based, hands-on activities through age-appropriate, standards-based topics. Our ultimate goal in the sciences for our younger students is to be exposed to the different facets of God’s creation, and to have a sense of wonder at how God has created them (Job 10:8, 31:15, Jeremiah 1:5) and the world in which they live (Job 12:7-10, Psalm 74:13-17).

Social Studies

Our students are in a cultural war – not of swords but of ideas. Nowhere is this more evident than in the re-interpretation of history and social studies. Our goal as a school is to help students understand the role of a Sovereign God superintending all of history and His plan for healthy societies. Preparing students with the foundational understanding that the fall of man affected all of creation, and that God is now in the process of redeeming those creation relationships allows them to see history and society from a Biblical perspective. As we strive to give students a deeper knowledge of God, encourage their spiritual growth, and promote historic and geographic literacy, it is also our desire to teach them their role in promoting the ideas that have good consequences in their culture. The scope of the curriculum for the elementary grades includes ancient civilizations, world history and American history. Timelines, maps and fun activities are all integral components of the learning experience.


As image bearers of God, man was created to create beauty for His glory. The objective of Art at TCS is to explore various art methods in order to reproduce the student’s personal expression of various subjects that are found in God’s creation - man’s world. Recognizing that we are all unique creations of the Creator, our goal is for students to discover their God-given gift of creativity and to develop that gift in a way that brings honor to Him. Students PreK-12th have access to art classes. The semester class begins with pencil drawing exercises, including sketching, perspective, shading and texture exercises, and moves to working with color using oil pastels, which is the precursor to painting on canvas with acrylic paints. Each student’s progress through the semester is exciting evidence of the discovery or development of their unique, creative abilities.


Similarly, we desire our students to worship God through music. The goal of our music instruction is to provide an opportunity for our students to discover their own musical gift and then to learn how to use that gift for God’s glory. PreK-5th grade students receive choral instruction at least twice a week. 6th grade students receive band instruction 5 days a week giving them opportunity to choose a preferred instrument and then learn to play. 7th-12th grade students take concert band as an elective.


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