A Message from Pastor Thad Todd, Head of School

     Welcome to Trinity Christian School, a learning community that is dedicated and passionate about teaching students to think, learn, live, and grow from a Biblical perspective. Thank you for your interest in TCS, one of Texarkana’s longest-running Christian schools which has been serving our community as an outreach of Trinity Baptist Church for twenty-five years. From our humble beginning, our mission has remained the same—to assist parents in their God–given responsibility of educating their children (Proverbs 22:6). I hope you will enjoy the warmth of the Trinity family as you experience the care and love of a Trinity education!

     As a parent, I know one of the most important decisions is choosing where your children will receive their education.  If you are looking for academic rigor in a safe and supportive environment that provides opportunities for your child to flourish and learn about God, TCS is your school.  At TCS, we provide the solid foundation of a Biblical worldview of life on which a stable framework of academic excellence is built. Balanced fine arts and athletic programs for our students complement our focus on proper self–discipline and Christ-like character. All of this is done by the loving hands of our credentialed, caring, and Christ–honoring faculty and staff.

     My prayer and hope is that you give us an opportunity to show you all that TCS has to offer.  We desire for TCS to be the school where your children learn truth in every subject and experience spiritual growth.  I invite you to be a part of the Trinity family this year and look forward to meeting you face to face!

Serving together,

Pastor Thad Todd, Head of School